What is this all about?

With this website, I wanted to create a safe creative space in a blank minimalistic setting. It’s all about content baby.

A place where I could be me 100% – far from censorship, heteronormativity and stupid rules.

Here, it’s all about being queer, letting my freak flag fly and my hair down, burning bras and shaking things up.

So what can you expect. Illustrations of course, but you may already know me for this kind of things, but also videos, articles, content that will feature all the crazy shit that goes through my head, might it be dark and serious, or light and pop, or just foolish shenanigans that make me laugh.

So here’s to fashion, to Disney, to sexe, to bondage, to RuPaul’s Drag Race, to the art of transformation, to liberty, here’s to you, here’s to me.

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