Commission Rules

My illustration are based of existing pictures.
Here is how commissions work
up in here: 

Step 1 – The contact phase

Contact me via email, or instagram – what a modern fella – and we’ll talk about what you’d like. 

Step 2 – Pick and choose

Maybe, you already know exactly what you want. If you don’t, no worries, we’ll figure it out together. 
If you choose a realistic picture, we’ll need to find the perfect picture to base the illustration on.

Step 3 – Money Henny

That’s the part where you lay money on the table. I accept bank transfers and PayPal – or Lydia if you are French.

Step 4 – The Drawing Phase

Once I received the payment, I get to drawing. 

As soon as the lining is done, I will send it to you. There, we can adapt all you want, to make it look perfect for you. 
(2 rounds of changes are included in the price)

Once you validate the lines I move on to colors, lights and shadows and send the final drawing to you.

At that point only minor design changes can be made, but I can repaint it with all the colors of the rainbow. 

Step 5 – HD Release

Now you’ll receive a light version of the illustration. If everything flies, I’ll send you the high res piece using a Dropbox or Google drive link or a WeTransfer (let me know which one is your favorite).

And Ya done!

All the rates below are for digital pieces only. 
Please make sure to credit and tag me when posting or using my drawings. I am always happy to do collabs posts on Instagram

Illustration Rates

Full Body Doll

Stylish and dynamic

100€ • 105$

Lines only

The purity of lines

60€ • 65$


An illustrated version of you

90€ • 95$

Based on a picture 
+ 10€ · 15$ for each extra person


An illustrated version of you with a dash of fantasy

150€ • 160$

Based on a picture & references